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Introduction of MOOC:

Our MOOC, massive open online courses, include the following aspects: Topic: You can always choose one course according to your need among the topics closely related to life;

Classification: Oral Chinese, Business Chinese, Survival Chinese, Reading Program, etc.;

Advantage: According to the standard of Chinese Level Test (HSK), you can systematically learn Chinese from HSK level 1 to level 4, which is similar to level A1 to B2 of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

About our new courses:

We will keep updating our new courses and all of our VIP students can get the new courses for free.

How to study MOOC?
  1. Click Pricing and buy the courses you would like to study;
  2. You will get a VIP account;
  3. Login the website: http://;
  4. Study the courses you bought and feel free to do the followed exercises. Please speak Chinese as much as you can after listening to your teacher during the class . You will see it's very helpful.
What if I have questions during my study?

You can choose either of the following suggestions:

  1. Contact our online service and we will provide instructions ASAP;
  2. The most effective and highly recommended way is to buy several LIVE lessons, which can solve your study problems completely.

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